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Your Family's Safety Is Our Concern

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Keep your chimney and fireplace secure

The purpose of a chimney is to allow the smoke of your fire out of your home. Unfortunately, this also means that it can let unwanted guests and water into your home. Keeping your chimney covered is an important step in protecting your chimney, fireplace and home.

Keep water and animals from destroying your chimney

Water intrusion into your chimney will slowly degrade the structural integrity and safety of your chimney.  The fireplace will also be damaged and rendered unusable.  Water leaks always start cheap to fix, but quickly become a financial nightmare.


Animals getting into or nesting in your chimney can cause fire hazards.  Don't let mother nature destroy your home, call us today for a comprehensive inspection.

Well built, custom chimney caps and covers

• Seal off water

• Prevent debris from getting inside

• Keep animals out

• Prevent animals from nesting in your chimney

Protecting your chimney and fireplace are essential to the security and integrity of your entire home.

Call us today for an inspection!

Call us today to schedule a chimney inspection so we can determine what cap or cover would be right for your home.

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Chimney caps and covers come in a variety of different sizes, styles, and finishes, so you can even match it to your home! Call us today to protect your chimney from the elements.