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Your Family's Safety Is Our Concern

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Keep your chimney in perfect working condition

During your annual inspection, our knowledgeable and professional inspectors will analyze your chimney's condition to find performance or safety issues.  You can trust our reports are honest and that we will help you come up with a solution that fits into your budget.

Your chimney can be more efficient

The improved functioning of your chimney after just one repair or maintenance job can lower your bills for months, or even years. Conversely, neglect can leave you with high costs that will have you wondering why you didn't call the experts sooner.


Routine inspections enable us to identify problems early so they can be fixed effectively. Schedule a quick and convenient appointment for your chimney today - you'll be glad you did!

Prevent expensive chimney repairs

• Custom chimney covers made to fit your chimney

• Water proofing

• Flashing sealant

• Custom masonry caps

• Mortar repair

• Chimney crown sealing & rebuilding

• Fireplace restorations

• Firebox repairs

SAVE money on your bills and prevent costly replacement needs with attentive repair services. Call for an inspection.

Get an inspection. Call today!

You can SAVE money, increase your home's energy efficiency and prevent serious problems with maintenance and repair.

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