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Your Family's Safety Is Our Concern

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Don't wait if you notice a leak in your chimney

Get a chimney inspection from us as soon as you notice water in your attic or water stains around your fireplace. These are all major signs of chimney leaks and can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs if not fixed in a timely manner.

Is there water in the bottom of your fireplace?

Is your chimney leaking?  Water intrusion and moisture damage can lead to expensive repairs.  Call us today to have your chimney inspected so we can assist you in protecting the investment you have made in your home.  


If we identify a problem, we will provide you a full report and offer suggestions for reliable, lasting solutions to restore the integrity of your chimney and fireplace.

What might be causing your chimney leaks

A variety of factors could be causing your chimney leak:


• Lack of a chimney cap

• Cracked or damaged chimney crown

• Loose or missing mortar

• Rusted out chimney cap

• Caulking problems

• Faulty flashing

Water in your fireplace could be an indication of a serious problem. Let us repair the issues and protect your home.

Call today for an inspection!

From replacing your rain cap to restoring the masonry, we will provide lasting solutions for your leaks.

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